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Thiru. K.A. Ganapathy has been unanimously elected president for this term & the sangam has been connected to the World Wide Web so that people all over the world can take advantage of the information provided through this website The word, "KONGU NANBARGAL" implies Kind, Outgoing, Noble, Good-natured, Unbeatable friends and Kongu Nanbargal Sangam takes pride in asserting that it is a society of almost 2845 such members.

The motive is to promote friendship and brotherhood, offer educational and career guidance to the youth, provide matrimonial assistance, render service to the needy and work for the improvement of the society at large. It does not intend to instill communal feelings or grudge against other communities.


"Great men tell you how to get where you are going Greater men take you there."


The main objective of this sangam is to produce such great and greater men and make it magnificently strong in all walks of life.

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